Window Tinting Services

We are an authorized Sun-Gard automotive window film dealer. Sun-Gard window films help to protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of the sun. You will see and feel an immediate difference when the film is applied to your vehicle. We carry several shades of non-reflective film to meet all of your needs. With our factory trained technicians we are able to offer manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty to ensure that our customers will enjoy the look and performance of their film for years to come. Call and talk to one of our specialists today about how we can help tint your ride.

Black Pearl Film

A rich grey toned film offering sophisticated style for every vehicle. This film has 99% UV rejection meaning it keeps those harmful rays out of your vehicle and off of you and your family. Keeping the UV rays out will also slow down the fading of interior fabrics and plastics keeping your vehicle looking new for years to come. Sun-Gard films reject up to 67% of the sun's heat - reducing the interior temperature of your vehicle. The film will also reduce glare from the sun and vehicle headlights, increasing driving safety and comfort. 

Tinting Packages

Two Doors + Back Window

Four Doors + Back Window

Two Door Tint

Tint the front pair of doors on any vehicle. Provides great relief from the sun, protects your interior from sun fading and leather from cracking. A great way to match your front windows to your back ones.

Starts at $130

Tint the front pair of doors, the back pair of doors and the back window on any vehicle. The best value for your money, tint all of the windows on your vehicle and really make it stand out from the crowd.

Starts at $285

Tint the back window and doors on any vehicle. This is a great way to set your vehicle apart from the crow. It provides great relief from the sun and provides security for your belongings in the back seat.

Starts at $235

Tail Light Tinting

We offer the tinting of vehicle tail lights by applying at Lamin-X protective film to the lenses. This pliable adhesive-backed film protects the lenses while creating a stylish darkened affect. Starting at $50 this tint will add the finishing touch to your vehicle.