Vinyl Wraps

Paintless Colour Change

The affordable alternative to painting your vehicle is the Paintless Colour Change. Completely change the look of your ride and customize it to be one of a kind. The vinyl wrap is applied to the entire painted exterior of your vehicle making it look like an entirely different vehicle all together.

We supply and install both Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film as well as 3M Wrap Film Series 1080 ensuring you will get the exact look you want.


  • Outstanding durability and performance, protecting original paint finish
  • Excellent conformability around curves and recesses with paint-like look
  • Six color shifting iridescent shades in the ColorFlow Series 
  • Easy apply technology
  • Superior long-term removability after the intended period of use


  • ​Six distinctive looking finishes: matte, gloss, satin, carbon fiber, color flip and brushed metal
  • Expected performance life of 5-7 years
  • Two colour layers for dimensional stability and durability
  • Pressure-activated adhesive for easy sliding, tacking, snap up and repositioning


Our team can work with you to design, print and install completely unique and custom wraps and decals for any application right in our shop. 


Our Roland TruVis printer allows us to create graphics up to 54" wide with the highest quality results. This high tech large format printer will create high quality images quickly and with extreme precision. It features an integrated heating system which creates rapid drying so the images can be laminated for their final protection almost instantly. In addition to printing images this machine has the ability to carefully cut out decals with speed and accuracy, saving considerable amounts of time.


  • Meet with our design team to develop a concept
  • Designer will create a unique design tailored to your ideas
  • Design is then  printed on 2mil opaque 3M vinyl with our Roland TruVis Printer
  • Printed graphic is laminated with a 2mil overlaminate to protect the graphic from damage and wear
  • The graphic is then precisely cut out by our printer
  • Our professionally trained installer will prep the surface and install graphic 
  • The graphic is then heated to secure it to the surface and any imperfections are worked out


A great way to advertise your business on the go! Work with our team to create an eye catching design that will bring in customers no matter where you are. Completely custom designs to dress up your work vehicles and maximize your advertising potential. In addition to vehicles our vinyl products can be used for signs or for storefront window advertising.


The possibilities are endless for what we can wrap. From recreational vehicles to patio tables we can make your ideas come to life and change the look of your old items completely. Give our team a call today to discuss making your pieces one of a kind.

Paint Protection Film

We are also an authorized installer of 3M Paint Protection Film (PPF). This clear film is installed on the body of your vehicle and protects the finish of your ride from road debris, rock chips , and weathering. The film will hug the curves and contours of the hood, bumpers, mirrors, and rocker panels providing lasting protection while being barely visible. Give one of our specialists a call today to keep your paint in new condition with the application of a Paint Protection Film. 

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